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Our Vision

Discover unparalleled tennis and pickleball excellence with Peninsula Tennis & Pickleball. Our academy trains both junior and adult players, offering personalized coaching for groups and  private lessons, regardless of experience. Whether you're a rising junior star or an adult looking to enhance your skills, Peninsula Tennis & Pickleball is here to help you reach your tennis and pickleball goals!


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Tennis Practice

Private Tennis Lesson

Private tennis lessons provide one-on-one coaching, tailored to your goals, enhancing technique, strategy, and overall performance with focused attention

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$90/45 mins

$65/30 mins

2 Person

Two-person semi-private lessons offer a personalized tennis experience for you and a partner, combining camaraderie with individualized skill development

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3 Person

Join our three-person semi-private tennis lesson for a unique blend of skill-building drills and exciting point play experiences

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Adult Tennis/Pickleball Classes

Immerse yourself in our group tennis/pickleball classes, where engaging point play and fun games combine with structured lessons to enhance your proficiency and abilities on the court.

1Hr 15Min Lessons


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