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About the Academy

Step into the world of the Peninsula Tennis & Pickleball, where our approach to tennis and pickleball education is unlike any other. We're dedicated to more than just teaching the fundamentals; we're passionate about nurturing a lifelong love for the game. Our innovative programs unite players, offering a unique and immersive experience that goes beyond traditional coaching. Whether you're gearing up for recreational play, USTA/UTR Tournaments, league play, or school tennis our academy equips you with the skills and enduring enthusiasm that will stay with you long after you leave the court. Join us on a distinctive journey of tennis and pickleball excellence.

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Meet Lucas, a tennis aficionado with a remarkable journey spanning over two decades in the sport. With an impressive background that includes both playing and coaching, Lucas brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the court. As a junior, he honed his skills through rigorous tournament play, and today, he proudly boasts a USTA rating of 5.0.

Lucas's passion for tennis and pickleball extends far beyond his own achievements, as he's dedicated his career to coaching and nurturing the next generation of tennis and pickleball talents. With his invaluable insights and a deep-seated love for the game, Lucas is not only a seasoned player but also a mentor who is committed to shaping the future of tennis and pickleball. Join him on the court, where his wealth of knowledge and unwavering enthusiasm will inspire and elevate your tennis journey.


Senior Tennis Professional

Meet the Coach

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